On 8/31/15, the world lost a real hero, our son/grandson, Aaron Joseph Duffany at the tender age of 18.  He spent his entire senior year of high school fighting for his life against the insidious disease lymphoblastic lymphoma. 
Aaron was diagnosed with cancer in 8/2014 at which time he was given a 2 year treatment plan and he was so very optimistic, but much to our horror the type cancer he had was very aggressive, sneaky, refractory and for every step forward he suffered many steps backward. 
 Instead of hanging out with friends, attending prom and graduation and preparing for college, he was hospitalized, poked, prodded and radiated. He suffered through multi surgeries, transplants and various procedures (spinal taps/blood tests/transfusions/bone marrow aspirations, etc.)  
He was hospitalized for 48 weeks, never once being discharged and wasn't able to walk or get out of bed. 
Aaron's greatest love was working at his computer and to honor his memory we have developed a scholarship fund in his name for senior(s) at his High School (Spring Valley). We will be presenting scholarship(s) to high school senior(s) with high academic standing, who are interested in the field of computer technology and who will be continuing their education in college.

We are appealing to your generosity to assist us in this endeavor.